Simply employee time tracking with TITANPLAN's time registration

Release your mind about the complicated employee timesheets management job. TITANPLAN time clock mobile app with photo and geo-location tracking, your timesheet data is reliable and accurate.

Time clock everywhere

TITANPLAN time registration is designed for different time and attendance scenarios. Very easy to setup, our solution works on any IOS and Android devices, tablet or destops with an internet connection.

  • Mobile app time clock

    Employees can clock in/out by TITANPLAN time clock app anywhere or in the pre-defined ranges. With photo and geo-locations tracking in each clock in/out event, admin or manager knows exactly where each timesheet is coming from.

  • Time clock kiosk

    Have all employees under one workplace? Time clock kiosk is perfect for a centralize time attendance solution. Easily setup in minutes with a tablet or touch screen. Employee can track time with a employee code or account password.

  • Web time clock

    You are working with a office computer and want to track time? Web time clock could help. Photo and IP address is used for verifying your timesheet.

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A smarter way of approving timesheets

Once an employee clocks out, the clocking activity is recorded and a timesheet is automatically created. TITANPLAN provides a smart way for admin or managers in calculating working hours and approving employee timesheets.

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    Time clock rounding rules

    Time clock rounding rules is used to verify for uncertain or indefinite periods of time in the timesheet (e.g. employee clocks in before the shift starts then clocked-in time will be round up to scheduled start time)

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    Auto create timesheet and approve

    Have employees work in fixed scheduled? Timesheets will be automatically created and approved based on scheduled shifts.

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    Salary codes & groups

    Calculate the worked hours, overtime or employee allownace in different rates or postions, salary codes and groups is smart way to do.

Payroll exporting & integration

TITANPLAN provides a tool for exporting either raw and calculated timesheet data to third party's payroll systems. Admin can define desired payroll exporting templates
In addition, TITANPLAN is integrated with Gratisal - a Danish payroll system to provide our customer a comprehensive software solution from employee scheduling, time attendance and payroll.