Say hello to TITANPLAN – the most versatile shift planning solution (Coming soon)

TITANPLAN - right on schedule!

Your daily powertool for employee planning

Shift Planning

Optimise your business, create shift templates and be agile when it comes to changes - empower your employees!

Advanced Statistics

Keep track of expenses, employee availability, group performance and much more. TITANPLAN provides the insights

Time Registration

Know how your people work and when they can take an extra shift - We provide the tools to plan ahead, and optimise your costs

Smart Locations

Easily let your employees check in and out of shifts based on location. Assign access zones within your organisation.


Communicate clearly and keep your employees happy and well informed with encrypted end to end messaging

Calender Integration

We play well with others! Fully integrated calender events with all major players, incl. reminders, notifications and more

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