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Why use TitanPlan?

Workforce management is a time consuming task - but we are here to change that! TitanPlan streamlines planning processes, time registration, employee management and communication with an unprecedented flexibility. Our shiftplanning tool is highly customisable and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. No matter if you just started a little cafe and hired your first employee, or if you run an international chain of restaurants and hotels with thousands of staff, we got you covered!

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    Schedule faster and better

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    Percise timetracking
    via punch clock

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    Efficiently communicate
    with your employees

Optimize your business with Titanplan

Our software is easy to use - but can fulfill complex tasks if your business has specific needs.

workforce scheduling

Shift planning

The most intuitive drag and drop planning interface on the market. A powerful tool for all your planning needs - get an overview of your employees in seconds.

punch clock and check-in

Time registration

Easy time tracking of each employee's work hours. Titanplan can compare actual work time with the planned shifts to calculate overtime, vacation, daily supplements and other requirements.

instant messages


TitanPlan makes it easy to communicate within your organization, new employees can search and access required contact details securely within Titanplan and the messaging tool provided as part of the system.


Calendar integration

TitanPlan integrates with the employees personal calendar, providing a clear overview of work and private life and avoiding double bookings. On top of that we keep you up-to-date with national and international holidays - nice right?


Smart location

With TitanPlan the Administrator can define multiple locations inside or outside the office, allowing employees to punch in on-site, or from within a specific radius based on geolocation.



TitanPlan logs events in the background. Who changed a shift, who approved a timesheet or created a salary supplement - Everything is saved and information and statistics can be used to optimize your business.

Tailored for your business

With Titanplan, you get a flexible workforce tool that can be customised to perfectly suit your planning needs. Start with a basic setup for your segment - and then fine-tune every little detail of the system for your specific business needs.

Restaurants, Cafés and Bars


Retail and Shops


Gyms and Sports facilities


hotels and hospitality


schools and education


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